We split – More from living on the road

They call this thinking doing a geographical. It’s when your thinking and your life is so crazy that any place is better than where you’re at.
This place is crazy and I’m getting more like it all the time. We suffer numerous breakins. Drug dealers and working girls run these streets. The slum lord has a new fee for every occasion. If you want some degree of what passes for sanity relocation would be advisable.
We pack up and ready for the road. Get the schnauzer a haircut and wait for my retirement check.
Jerry Jeff Walker said it best:
Pack up all the dishes
Make note of all good wishes
Say goodbye to the landlord for me
Son of bitches they always bore me

So one rainy afternoon we pull the plug, roll up the hoses and drive off. If we can just get off that Portland freeway without getting killed or caught…..

More to come from living on the road.


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